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We’re about ALL SPECIES of FISH Predominant in EAST TEXAS LAKES

We’re not a big Company, Entity, or Corporation that charges an enormous fee per month to join, we’re a one-man operation just trying to supplement my small FireFighter pension with an extremely small and very reasonable annual fee (not monthly). I’ve been a fisherman my entire life 74 yrs of age. Our intention is to provide all the information needed in one location so you don’t have to scour & search the entire Internet for the information you need. All information is updated frequently and accurately. Check us out and give us a try.  We offer Basic Level membership at only $10 a year and a Premium Level membership for only $20 a year. Our Navionics Lakes Maps with known Good Fishing Location Markers and Fish Attractors Locations are provided at the Premium Level.

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along with the other many Amenities listed below :

  • Individual Interactive Lake Maps (Request Lakes that are Not Listed)
  • Lake Information including: Weather & Fishing Forecasts, Lake Location, Lake Size, Elevation, Current Lake Level, Water Clarity, Types of Vegetation, Predominant Species of Fish to each Lake,  Current Weather Conditions & Forecast for each Lake, Lake Records, Fishing Structure, Fishing Regulations, Lake Businesses, and available Lake Guides is also displayed.

Along with all of the above information, East Texas Anglers also provides:

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This Website is dedicated to the memory of my older Brother, Don Gentry of Crockett TX. Don recently lost his battle with cancer. He taught me how to Bass Fish when I was 12 years old and we both thoroughly enjoyed fishing for all species of fish. We spent precious unforgettable time together fishing through the years.

Don was 79 yrs old. 

Catch a biggin’ up there Donald Richard